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Re:Re: Minor league radio update

Kevin Vahey writes:
> Latest Spinners rumor has them winding up at WWZN but Webers trying to
> buy an unnamed station in the Merrimac Valley.

Sean writes:
Let's see what's available that would actually put a signal into Lowell at
night: WCCM, nope. WCAP, nope. WLLH? Bingo. Now, will Mega get the $1 mil or
so out of it that they paid for it in the first place?
Where are the Webers getting all this money from? I don't seem to recall
they own any other businesses.

Dave writes:
I believe the Webers are wealthy without the Spinners.  As for buying WLLH if it were me I'd recommend against it just because of their poor signal outside of the core city of Lowell and Lawrence.  The station that I would have my sights on is WHOB, signal covers Greater Lowell, Nashua and Manchester and that would play in nicely with his plans to acquire a double A team for Manchester.