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Re: Minor league radio update

> Of course, I do think that WSMN's directional pattern is a bit out of
> whack,
> and has been for a few years now. Many years ago, they never put a
> usable
> signal into Lowell, day or night. I recall checking the directional
> pattern
> on the Kodis site and it didn't appear to show their signal aimed to the
> northeast, unless they received FCC approval to modify their pattern in
> the
> last few years and Kodis isn't updated.
> Mark Watson

Since Tom O'brien has basically taking over WSMN, the it appears some
engineering work has taken place. Prior to this past summer/autumn, WSMN
was the pits at night in Derry, but I could hear them okay in North
That indicates to me a poor ground wave and good skywave due to a bad
grounding system at the transmitter.
Now WSMN is dominate at night, not just in Derry, but points beyond.


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