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Re: Entercom imposes contract on AFTRA

  Aaron Read wrote:

>So which is worse?  To have no VU meters and not need them, or to have VU 
>meters and ignore them because you don't need them?

I heard once that the board in the air studio at 'BZ  (the one the jock 
ran) had several mix busses...all the turntables mixed into one bus, cart 
machines into another, mics into a 3rd. etc.  Each bus came up on its own 
pot in master control so the engineer could still adjust relative 
levels.  WBZ processed quite heavily...you NEVER heard anything fade, even 
with someone as loose as Dave Maynard was.

One other (semi related) item.  Back in WBZ's top 40 days the jocks would 
pre-record their shows when they wanted/needed the day off.  I could ALWAYS 
tell when the show was taped...the audio just sounded flat & lifeless...and 
this was hearing it on a standard table radio from 100 mi away.  It was 
very obvious.  Someone told me that they just used Wollensak tape recorders 
(like the ones in high school AV depts)...could this be?  I would expect 
better from a major market clear channel flamethrower.