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GE off Marketplace

Has anyone noticed the absence of the lon-running GE sponsorship of PRI's 
Marketplace w/David Brancaccio?   (airs at 6:30pm on WGBH and WBUR).   The 
opening theme is changed (and somewhat sloppily so, IMHO) to remove the 
traditional GE theme that was mixed in, and there's no mention of them at 
all during the reading of the other underwriters.

FWIW, I first noticed this on Monday Jan.13th, and on the 14th there was a 
story in the newscast on GE that wasn't very complimentary...
http://marketplace.org/shows/2003/01/14_mpp.html  "Healthcare pricing 
hypocrisy at GE"

And on Wednesday Jan.8th Marketplace ran a feature on the then-looming 
strike at GE

I suppose it could be the strike problems meant GE couldn't afford the 
sponsorship anymore, but the timing does seem fishy given how long GE had 
sponsored Marketplace (years, at least)

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