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Re: Entercom imposes contract on AFTRA

Dave Faneuf <tklaundry@juno.com> writes:
> With all due respect for our brothers and sisters in publishing, we are
> not talking about working at a suburban weekly newspaper here,  we are
> talking about working in one of the biggest stations in one of the
> largest markets in the country.   Double A ball vs Major League Ball
> (ducking now)  ;-)

Touche. But starting reporters at the Globe (13th in the country in terms of
total circulation numbers) don't even make $40k a year when hired. That's a
more fair comparison. I wouldn't be surprised if a reporter at the Herald
(39th in circ) is beginning at $31-33k.

And the Globe's "staff correspondents" (working out of the suburban bureaus,
without union protection I may add) start off at $30k or a tad below.