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RE: Job consolidation at the top

I thought that was a lemma.

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From: "Tracy, Chris" <ctracy@whyn.com>
Date:  Wed, 22 Jan 2003 14:56:33 -0500

>You forgot to add "for the same amount of money" .....
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>From: Dave Faneuf wrote:
>>Just wondering at what point all these consolidations of duties on the 
>>top of the management food chain will implode and all the duties (and 
>>stations)suffer because of lack of time and commitment.  I always 
>>thought just one of those titles, done right, was a full time job and 
>>then some
>To quote that ad on WBZ: "It's simple.  You just do MORE work in the same
>amount of time and your productivity will SOAR!"
>Roger Kirk