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Re: WCEA-LP On Ch.40, NOT Ch.58?

I agree

So where on earth can they put the digital transmitters? Empire State 
maxxed out... Perhaps the Armstrong tower?

There is no way analog goes poof until NY ready..

On Tue, 21 Jan 2003 4:13PM -0500, dan.strassberg@att.net wrote:
> Very optimistic to think that a 2000' $200-million tower will ever be
> constructed. I'm guessing that it will take a minimum of five years to 
> clear
> away the objections--if they are EVER cleared away--and that if the 
> tower is
> ever built, its height will be limited to that of the WTC antenna. I 
> know that
> the proponents are very powerful, but a tower--especially a broadcast 
> tower--
> galvanizes opposition and, of all public works projects, is one of the 
> easiest
> to fight, especially since there are plenty of alternatives to 
> over-the-air
> terrestrial TV.
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>>  Nope.  MTVA is currently looking to build a tower in Bayonne.
>>  Probably another year of permitting before they can break ground.  
>> The
>>  previous proposal of Liberty State Park was deemed unsuitable due to
>>  the difficulty of controlling access to the site.