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Re: WCEA-LP On Ch.40, NOT Ch.58?

Very optimistic to think that a 2000' $200-million tower will ever be 
constructed. I'm guessing that it will take a minimum of five years to clear 
away the objections--if they are EVER cleared away--and that if the tower is 
ever built, its height will be limited to that of the WTC antenna. I know that 
the proponents are very powerful, but a tower--especially a broadcast tower--
galvanizes opposition and, of all public works projects, is one of the easiest 
to fight, especially since there are plenty of alternatives to over-the-air 
terrestrial TV.

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> Nope.  MTVA is currently looking to build a tower in Bayonne.
> Probably another year of permitting before they can break ground.  The
> previous proposal of Liberty State Park was deemed unsuitable due to
> the difficulty of controlling access to the site.