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Re: Correction WLBZ(Re: WZON)

Cooper wrote:
>>I was always told that the calls for WZON were WLBZ... <<

WLBZ (AM 620) was owned by Maine Broadcasting, along with WCSH (AM 970) and the 
affiliated TV stations (WLBZ & WCSH).  i know that until at least December of 
1980 the calls were WLBZ.  i was at WCSH radio while still in the Navy (in 
Brunswick) and we shared feeds and features with WLBZ.  (patch cords to roll 
and feed tapes for long-form programs)
  they were Z-62 (and noted as such with Mighty John Marshall in the various 
Stephen King early stories).  Eastman Radio bought WCSH in late 1980, then 
flipped to The Music of Your Life, 970 WYNZ, Valentine's day, 1981.  not sure 
what happened to WLBZ at that point, or how long they remained with Maine 
    Mr. King bought AM 620 in the early 80's (82 or 83) as i can vividly recall 
Bruce Stevens, then doing mornings at WGAN, and his quick wit referring to Mr. 
King's scariest book yet... the Spring Bangor ARB.

- -Chuck