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Re: Where are Salem's Boston studios and offices

Dan Strassberg writes:
> I thought that Salem (WEZE 590 and WROL 950) maintained studios and
offices for
> its Boston cluster at Marina Bay in Dorchester. However, I was listening
> evening to WROL and they were experiencing difficulties with the feed of a
> Black gospel program from a church in Roxbury. When the program finally
got on
> the air, the host thanked the announcer at the Saugus studios for his
> in restoring the feed, Although WROL's transmitter is on Route 107 in
> and WEZE's is at Wellington Circle in Medford, it is unusual (though not
> unheard of) in this era of multi-station groups, to maintain multiple
> facilities for commonly owned stations in a cluster. So, does anyone know
> whether Salem has relocated the center of its Boston operations from
> to Saugus? Also, has the WEZE transmitter building at Wellington Circle
> been razed to make way for some roadside business? If the building is
> standing and occupied by Salem, Wellington Circle would seem to be the
> appropriate location for the two stations' studios and offices, as I
> that the Saugus location is occasionally under water during severe
> storms.

I wouldn't be surprised if Marina Bay offices were also under water during
bad storms. Small nit-pick: Marina Bay is actually in Quincy. The Saugus
site seems to be a glorified shack, nothing more, and would seem
inappropriate for a 2-station studio (though it might be good for a backup
presence) and cluster headquarters.