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Where are Salem's Boston studios and offices

I thought that Salem (WEZE 590 and WROL 950) maintained studios and offices for 
its Boston cluster at Marina Bay in Dorchester. However, I was listening this 
evening to WROL and they were experiencing difficulties with the feed of a 
Black gospel program from a church in Roxbury. When the program finally got on 
the air, the host thanked the announcer at the Saugus studios for his efforts 
in restoring the feed, Although WROL's transmitter is on Route 107 in Saugus 
and WEZE's is at Wellington Circle in Medford, it is unusual (though not 
unheard of) in this era of multi-station groups, to maintain multiple studio 
facilities for commonly owned stations in a cluster. So, does anyone know 
whether Salem has relocated the center of its Boston operations from Dorchester 
to Saugus? Also, has the WEZE transmitter building at Wellington Circle perhaps 
been razed to make way for some roadside business? If the building is still 
standing and occupied by Salem, Wellington Circle would seem to be the more 
appropriate location for the two stations' studios and offices, as I understand 
that the Saugus location is occasionally under water during severe Atlantic 

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