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Re: Townsend

At 08:24 PM 1/14/2003 -0500, Dan Billings wrote:
> > For someone studying law...and while many of us would
> > like to rail againts the church in light of the
> > current crisis....I think this is pretty lame.
>Aaron wrote the comment about the church.  I didn't.
>-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

Although for what it's worth, I was pre-law for a few years as an undergrad.

And the point is still valid.  There are a lot of ways the First Amendment 
is interpreted and - some would say - twisted to meet many different 
situations.   I feel that the Church's attempt to use the religious freedom 
aspect in order to say that secular law didn't apply to the Church in the 
priest abuse scandal was especially galling but by the same token, I'm 
uncomfortable with the idea of someone being blocked from even attempting 
to bring a interpretation of the law before the court.  I'm of the mindset 
that "getting your day in court" is an opportunity everyone should 
have.   If your defense stinks, it won't fly.  If it's good, it will.  Call 
me naive but I like to believe that's how it SHOULD work at least.

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