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Re: Today's LTAR Today's LTAR

Dan Strassberg writes:
> But promotion was essential and all there was were a few mentions on
> WJIB. Bob needs to make friends with someone who writes for the
> Globe, the Herald, or the CNC local papers in the suburbs. Anybody
> here have a connection? If Bob were willing to give the program a
> second chance, could somebody promote a newspaper article about it?

As some of you may know, I worked for both the Herald (1 year) and CNC (3
years in a bunch of different capacities) in a past life as well as hosting
a show on WJIB for a year and buying time for brokered sports broadcasts. I
don't have connections per se, but I would be more than willing to help Bob
out steering him in the right direction (and I would think he knew that),
though that's his call to make.