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Re: Today's LTAR Today's LTAR

On 12 Jan 2003 at 15:44, Mark Watson wrote:

>     And again this week no "Solid Gold Sunday" show on WJIB. I believe
> someone posted here last Sunday that it was absent that day as well. Has
> Bob Bittner decided to stop airing the show, or perhaps he's away on
> vacation and thus hasn't recorded any 'Solid Gold Sunday" or LTAR shows to
> air in his absence.

After I posted that last week, Bob e-mailed me that he decided to drop it and see who 
complained.  He apparently heard a lot more from easy-listening fans who were glad to have 
easy-listening music back on Sunday, and from only a couple of people on the absence of 
Solid Gold Sunday.

I, for one, think that Bob didn't give Solid Gold Sunday a chance to find its audience.  Since 
he doesn't spend big buts on advertising, it takes time for people to find it.  I'm sure WJIB's 
regular programming didn't find its present audience quickly.  People have to learn of it by 
word of mouth, or discover it by accident (as I did), and that takes time.

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