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Re: Today's LTAR Today's LTAR

Nobody mentioned either that the Greek show that usually airs from noon to
2:00 PM wasn't on today. (I didn't notice last week.) I believe that that
program was just about the only live programming on WJIB. Does anyone know
what station has picked up Oscar Papapnastaciou's (you can bet I didn't
spell that correctly) brokered-time show? I think he does other shows on
WNTN. Maybe some additional time opened up there.

Dan Strassberg, dan.strassberg@att.net
617-558-4205, eFax 707-215-6367

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>   Laurence Glavin wrote:
> > As most of you noticed, today's LTAR was a repeat of last week's show.
>     And again this week no "Solid Gold Sunday" show on WJIB. I believe
> someone posted here last Sunday that it was absent that day as well. Has
> Bittner decided to stop airing the show, or perhaps he's away on vacation
> and thus hasn't recorded any 'Solid Gold Sunday" or LTAR shows to air in
> absence.
> Mark Watson