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Fwd: WCDJ in Truro almost gone


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DATE: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 13:34:48
From: "Aaron 'Bishop' Read" <aread@speakeasy.net>
To: boston-radio-interest@bostonradio.org

According to the FCC's silent station list, WCDJ (Truro, MA) has be dark 
since Feb.1st 2002, that means in a little over two weeks it's allocation 
will disappear forever (and not a moment too soon I'm sure the folks at 
WCRB are saying).

Aaron "Bishop" Read       aread@speakeasy.net
Fried Bagels Consulting   www.friedbagels.com
AOL-IM: ReadAaron         Brighton, MA 02135

I don't have to tell you I have no use for the disgraceful way WCRB is programmed,
but I think that as soon as 102.3 in Truro is deleted, they should up
their power from the current site on Chestnut street in Newton before
another outfit comes along (John H. Garabedian?) with an application for
102.3 on the Cape or the Islands.  Some day, WCRB may be dragged kicking
and screaming into the 20th Century, or their (in)famous focus groups will
indicated some positive changes need to be made (maybe with different
managment but the same owners who would have trouble selling).
In fact, with the Viacom/Infinity/WBZ-TV tower now rebuilt,   maybe they
could return to Cedar Street.

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