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WCDJ in Truro almost gone

According to the FCC's silent station list, WCDJ (Truro, MA) has be dark 
since Feb.1st 2002, that means in a little over two weeks it's allocation 
will disappear forever (and not a moment too soon I'm sure the folks at 
WCRB are saying).

WCDJ has pulled many legal tricks to keep the allocation alive over the 
years but is anyone willing to speculate whether it'll survive the FCC's 
more recent initiative to "show no mercy" when it comes to CP 
extensions?   They certainly didn't show any mercy to Class D WSRB (Walpole 
High School) a year or two ago.

FWIW - there's not a chance in hell a tower will ever be erected for 
WCDJ...having dealt with Truro when it comes to wireless/cellphone 
facilities...we can confidently state that Truro is death on tower 
construction even when the Feds are mandating a tower go up.

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