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RE: Dead FM Broadcasting Technologies

Eli Polonsky wrote:

>Both the mid-1970's Marantz and Sansui receiver behemoths that I own and
>use (and that I maintain blow away comparable consumer units nowadays for
>radio reception, audio fidelity, reliabilty and longetivity) have Dolby
>FM switches, for what it's worth.

Probably better AM sections anyway (though a 1972-vintage Sherwood I have 
has an absolutely wretched AM tuner).  I doubt they have the FM selectivity 
of today's units.

>I can't picture any of the disposable consumer junk manufactured nowadays
>still functioning in the year 2030 the way those heavy, powerful mid-70's
>analog receivers still function today.

At the very least if something goes wrong, it would be possible to repair 
(presuming you can find someone who can/will do the job) since they were 
all discrete components in those days (even if an exact replacement 
transistor was not available, a "close enough" replacement could probably 
be found).  That is a problem with today's equipment with proprietary 
"radio on a chip" circuitry.  OTOH, they're cheaper to replace than repair 
nowaday (though a bit disconcerting to my deeply ingrained Yankee frugality).