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RE: WBPS cranks up the volume

>I asked him how come WBPS didn't sound louder and he said that the CE had a
>modem in the Tx building and whenever the positive modulation peaks
>about 70%, the modem stopped working, so the CE wouldn't allow anyone to
>up the audio. Maybe the CE got a broadband connection for his PC and maybe
>broadband connection doesn't suffer from the same problem.

It seemed to me that the lower modulation level on WBPS started about a year
when started their ill-fated CNet radio sojourn. Much lower and noisier
audio when
the changed to that format. I don't know if it was indeed some sort of RFI
with a modem at WBPS.

I'm not sure how well shielded DSL modems are these days, mine (a westell)
seems to
be a light-weight-in-a-plastic housing. Not sure how immune to RF it would

Some of the consumer broadband gear doesn't inspire confidence. I recently
hooked up
home networking for a family. The cable-company supplied modem didn't
inspire much
confidence - cheapo light-weight plastic housing and RF shielding - who
Then again the people I did this work for live in Needham, within 3/4 mile
from those
'big sticks', and the cable modem wasn't affected by that, but then again
even 3/4 mile
maybe far enough away.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)