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Re: WQSO Goes Jockless All Christmas Music

Chuck Igo wrote:

>    the Chinese Auction, as it was called in the days of yore, was a way for
>small market stations to put the coin of the realm in their hands instantly.
>once a month, in the case of WIDE/WBYC, they'd spend the day auctioning off
>gift certificates and/or merchandise from local retailers.  the retailer 
>provide X number of dollars worth of g.c.'s/merch. in exchange for a like
>dollar amount of advertising.  whatever the station could sell the item 
>for was
>what the station got.

 From what I understand, these deals are often easier to work out with 
clients than a straight cash deal...indeed, many clients who would 
otherwise never advertise are open to this trade arrangement.  There are 
stations that keep an inventory of these trade certificates and run regular 
spots promoting them.

I'm sure that in these politically correct times the term "Chinese auction" 
has long been banned.