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Re: John Collins Will Be Calling Turkey Football On WOTW & Worthy Of Note

Big Moe and Georgie and Ed Lecius (formerly Lee Edwards, formerly Ed
Lecius Jr.)mentioned last Friday during the local 4-6pm talk show on WOTW
that the Tiger (aka WSMN 1590 Nashua very likely were doing the game.
Moe and Ed talked a little further about their days at WSMN. Then Moe went
on to promote his Sunday morning French program. In the very next breath
he said that WFEA Manchester also has a Sunday morning French program.
The way these folks were talking, enjoy the heck out of being in radio and
have no problems mentioning other stations by name. They've mentioned
other stations by over the past several weeks. I kind of like it!

Also from Friday Night Light, Saturday edition, one of the host mentioned
he will be doing a Turkday day or Turkey weekend game from central Mass,
on another station. The think he mentioned the game would be in or
involving Spencer Mass.

East Derry

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