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John Collins Will Be Calling Turkey Football On WOTW & Worthy Of Note

  Heard a promo during this morning's "Big Moe Golden Oldies Spetacular" on
WOTW (900 Nashua) for the Thanksgiving Day High School football game with
Nashua vs. Bishop Guertin. Ed Leicius (sp?) voiced the promo, inviting
listeners to join him along with John Collins for all the play by
play,etc.etc. So is John Collins working for both WOTW and WCCM? As I posted
last week he was calling a Lowell vs.Tewksbury game on Haverhill's 1490,
still trying hard to be a Greater Lowell/ Lawrence/ Haverhill station.....

   Also worthy of note: yesterday I went into an auto parts store in
Downtown Lowell to pick up a replacement headlight for my vehicle. What did
I hear playing over the store's speakers? WLLH. I heard the buffer between 2
songs, only word I recognized was "MEGA,aaaaaaa" (echo echo) so now we know
of at least one radio in Lowell tuned to WLLH. Of the 2 clerks working at
the time, 1 was Hispanic, the other Caucasian.

Mark Watson