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Re: Great Blue Hill Tower Study

>Ron Bello wrote:
>Doesn't WGBH-FM want to move off Blue Hill to
>the WBZ / Westinghouse tower (showing my age)
>in Needham ?
>Study appears too late.

    The way I read the article, they're mostly interested in keeping
existing and adding new non-broadcast tenants -- cell phones, etc. There's
all types of services up there now. I'd bet their thinking is that the
tower's future is not in more broadcasting, because the other available
sites are better.

   It's refreshing to see something about a tower that doesn't have to do
with ripping it down to clear out an eyesore. And this is an actual
park/natural area. It's also basically urban, and it sounds to me as though
the advocates for the reservation recognize that the way the world is today
they ought to minimize reliance on public money, and hold onto their
revenue-generator to help raise money to keep the place going.

    I'm a card-carrying member of the Appalachian Mountain Club and all
that, but the world needs radio towers, too. OTOH, maybe only a radio geek
could think that tower is old enough to qualify for historic status and
that it's cool there's a radio station named after a hill. I'm so glad they
thoughtfully built a trail up to the tower so I can get a good look at it