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Re: John Collins Will Be Calling Turkey Football On WOTW

   Steve Ordinetz wrote:

> Often the choice of PBP/color announcers is made by the teams, not
> necessarily the flagship station.  There are only so many good
> sportscasters around.

   I know in pro sports it's true the teams have the final say for PBP/color
commentators. I didn't know that high schools would be involved in such

   And I also agree there isn't an overabundance of good sportscasters
around, IMHO partly because not as many stations are bothering to produce
and broadcast high school or college sports these days, thus aspiring sports
announcers have limited opportunities to hone their skills. In the Merrimack
Valley for instance, WCCM still does high school football and basketball,
but WCAP hasn't done a high school football game in several years, as they
have been the home of Lowell Lock Monsters hockey the past 5 seasons, they
play almost every Friday night in the Fall, which is when most of your high
school football games are played these days. WSMN did something different
with high school football this season. Instead of carrying a single game,
they had a Friday night local show "Friday Night Lights" that featured 2 in
studio hosts and several "correspondents" calling in reports from area games
every few minutes via cellphone. In between the reports, the studio hosts
would update scores of high school, college and pro sports. It even got a
write up a couple of weeks ago in the Lowell Sun.

Mark Watson