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Re: Thoughts after visiting the Hub

Martin J. Waters wrote:

>    And, my nominee for the worst radio ad of this and the past millennium
>is the California grape board ad -- running on WBMX what seemed like every
>20 minutes. The woman is singing that she wants to share her grapes with
>me. THE WORST. And the grape people have such a history of great ads. I
>swear that must be a practical joke on the world -- someone set out to
>write and produce the worst possible ad ever, just to see if anyone noticed

Haven't heard that one, but most new car ads have an annoyance factor that 
goes off the charts for me.  Among the worst currently running are the 
Toyota one with the illiterate-sounding taxi driver who thinks he's a 
marketing genius, and one for a European luxury car (Saab?  Volvo?) where 
there are clips of people aah-ing and the announcer remarking "that's the 
sound of someone slipping behind the wheel"...."no honey-pumpkin, you take 
the other car", etc.  You couldn't give me a Toyota, and Saabs, Volvos, 
etc. are a tad out of my budget but these moronic ads alone would drive 
(pun intended) me elsewhere.  I suppose they are the audio equivalent of 
the pushy car salesman in the plaid sports jacket who won't leave you alone.