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Re: AT&T/Comcast rates

I have AT&T cable at my office in Peabody so that I can watch the Weather
Channel and CNN when the need arises.  Although I am the only potential
viewer of the set and the general public is excluded, I have to pay the
outrageous amount of $50/month for basic.  Given the fact that the TV is on
no more than 2 hours/month, its kind of ridiculous.

Earlier this week I got the brilliant idea of upgrading to digital for the
sole reason of the music channels.  Since the demise of Smooth Jazz in
Boston <ducking>, I've been listening to the temperamental channels on the
Internet.  I thought that I'd finally found a way to justify the cable in my
office.  I was told point blank that they did not provide digital cable to
businesses.  I guess that its time to hook up that spare XM receiver in the

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> The problem with per channel pricing is that most of
> the cable channels make much of their money through
> advertising and advertisers look, in part, at the
> number of homes that the channel is available in.
> Most program providers push to make sure that their
> most wanted channels are part of the basic package.
> NESN recently made that switch to increase advertising
> revenue.
> Programming is a major expense, but so is
> infrastructure.  I was on the local water district and
> though we charged based on useage, most of the
> district's costs were the same even if we pumped no
> water in a month.  Cable TV fixed costs are not as
> extreme, but they are a major part of the cost.  As a
> result, my guess is that if the industry switched to
> per channel pricing, the costs per channel would be so
> high that it wouldn't make sense for most viewers.
> I just switched to digital cable this week.  I think
> the benefit is marginal for an extra $10 per month --
> but I do like the audio music channels.  Americana and
> Classic Country in particular.  I made the switch
> because my system dropped PPV from their non-digital
> service and I do like the option of buying the big
> boxing matches.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine
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