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RE: Re: Re: Corporate network bash

Dan writes:
I think it
> would have been best if at least one broadcast TV
> station in each market carried the speech, but I see
> no reason that it had to be forced on everyone by
> being carried on every station in a market.

Didn't the Fox television network carry it, too?  I watched it on
FoxNews and they referenced their bcast network, as well.

Your view appears to
> be that such speeches should be forced down the
> throats of the American people because that's what's
> good for them.  I reject such an elitist approach.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

I agree with Dan. The last thing that commercial stations/networks
need are reasons to draw viewers.  By taking a walk on the
president's speech, the major networks showed that they can be
honest with viewers regarding where news and PA fits in their mix.
Besides, the cable stations gladly took the boost in numbers.

Bill O'Neill