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Re:Re: Re: Corporate network bash

--- tklaundry@juno.com wrote:
> Dave writes:
> So what you got instead was an edited interpretation
> of what was said later that night or the next day,
> and you're happy?   My bottom line is this,  I think
> it is outragous that the corporate networks decided
> that their profits were more important than allowing
> the vast majority of the American television public
> an opportunity to witness a speech that could very
> well be a prelude to war.  

Everyone had the opportunity to witness the speech. 
Most people have cable, and for those that don't, the
speech was carried live on the radio.  I think it
would have been best if at least one broadcast TV
station in each market carried the speech, but I see
no reason that it had to be forced on everyone by
being carried on every station in a market.

I have yet to see you state a reason why every station
should carry such a speech.  I agree that it should
have been available to everyone, but one thing that is
great about this country is that we are free to choose
Drew Carey over the President.  Your view appears to
be that such speeches should be forced down the
throats of the American people because that's what's
good for them.  I reject such an elitist approach.  

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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