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Re:Re: Corporate network bash

>Dan B wrote--
>No, but one source of the speech is enough and Public
>TV ought to be the station to provide it.

Since this was not a major policy speech, there was not a lot of incentive 
for all the networks to carry it-- Pres. Bush  has been stating and 
re-stating these same themes for weeks.  Keep in mind that the networks 
didn't carry many of Clinton's or George HW Bush's speeches either, unless 
they were given at press conferences or contained some new policy 
statement.  Years ago, the networks carried every speech, whether important 
or not, but since the cable TV boom, the networks are a lot more selective 
about what they give up prime time advertising to carry.  Rightly or 
wrongly, they regard this as a business decision.  WBZ Radio carried 
tonight's speech by the president in its entirety, as did channel 7 and I 
believe New England Cable News did too.  So those who wanted to see or hear 
it were certainly able to do so.