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Re: WCAP Happenings

Aaron Read writes:
> At 08:28 AM 10/4/2002, Sean Smyth wrote:
> >When Radio Free Allston went on the air, it broadcast from a window-front
> >Herrell's Ice Cream shop and cafe in Allston.
> >
> >I loved the old window-front remotes...the WHDH Jordan Marsh remote each
> >year tremendously fascinated me.
> Almost forgot - isn't there some business/stock market broadcast done from
> Needham St. (in Needham :-)  right across from the McDonald's
> there?  www.countdowntothebell.com I think....there's a neon sign that
> that.

No, the Town of Needham and the City of Newton conspire to confuse the heck
out of everyone...Needham Street is actually in Newton, Highland Avenue in
Needham. There's today's Useless Fact of the Day.