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Re: WMEA back at full strength

Around 9 o'clock last night, I wrote:

> there's fascinating programming on WEVO
> (89.1 Concord NH) as I type this--all tone, all the time
That was when As It Happens should have been on the air.  For some
reason I awoke early this morning--4:30--and found BBC World Service on
the air.  I found this interesting not merely because it's a bit more
stimulating than a 1 kHz tone but because it represents another one of
those little programming adjustments NHPR likes to make without telling
anybody about it.  Yes, I see they've updated the program schedule
listed on their Web site, but there have been no on-air promos for this
or other recent changes, nor any mention in the most recent member

For the last couple years NHPR used World Radio Network from midnight to
5 a.m. (and a little later on weekend mornings).  If NHPR were picking
up the same varied BBCWS programming that one hears (with some
difficulty) on shortwave I'd say that's an improvement over WRN, but
what NHPR is getting from PRI is the BBCWS news channel.  On the plus
side, that should be nearly as effective as WRN at putting me back to
sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night.

Other recent changes are the addition of As It Happens on weeknights,
dropping Mountain Stage on Sunday nights, moving Thistle & Shamrock from
Saturday to Sunday, and starting BBCWS an hour earlier on weekend