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Re: WLYN Now // WUMB!

> Since this morning at 2:30am (┐┐first noted earlier
> in the night??),
> however, they have been simulcasting 91.9 WUMB!
> I don't know if this is just temporary 

Intreresting! I'll have to tune them in. A couple
times, I tuned in to hear they were off air. But
they're //WUMB-FM now?

I've mentioned before that WNEF 91.7 Newburyport,
which also simulcasts WUMB, comes in well along the
North Shore and when WMWM (Salem State) is off air
they come in very clear. Of course, WUMB 91.9 does
fairly well too (except in downtime Salem when
WMWM is on); if anything, the WNEF repeater is
for Newburyport and the Merrimack Valley, and the
signal is pointed away from Salem.

But I've wondered if WUMB would ever come to my
station (WMWM) and ask for some sort of deal where
we would simulcast them whenever we're off air
(like between midnight and 7 am, or whenever there's
an "open slot"). Maybe a moot point, as WNEF 91.7
winds up coming in well in the area once WMWM
signs off, anyway.

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