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RE: Commercials 103.3

Eli Polonsky  wrote:

>When "Light My Fire" came out in summer '67, all the rock stations here
>were still Top-40. WMEX, WBZ, and WRKO (AM & FM) all played the short
>version. WBCN didn't begin playing "underground" album rock until March
>of '68. But, that wasn't the first place I heard the long version on air.

On Sunday nights from 6-9pm Dick Summer did a show called "Subway" which 
was devoted to album cuts and stuff WBZ didn't play the rest of the 
time.  I remember hearing the long version of LMF there.  I believe this 
evolved out of a folk show they previously did in that time slot, though 
I'm not sure of the exact change-over.