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RE: Commercials 103.3

> Top-40 radio in the 60's played 45's. The record
> companies knew that 
> Top-40 radio wouldn't play songs that were
> considered too long. 

I had mentioned (maybe here, and definitely on another
board) that WRKO had "edited" a song like "Light My
Fire" or "Susie Q" down so they could
play it (i.e., they, not the record companies, did
it). If it was the record companies' doing, then maybe
someone at 'RKO was taking credit for doing it when it
was not so. (I read the "'RKO edited it down and made
it a hit" somewhere...maybe a book? Or a newspaper
article?... and yes, it could just be that
someone at 'RKO was falsely taking credit for
doing the edit himself)

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