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Re: Commercials 103.3

I have noticed this too, considering it wasn't too
long ago when the overnight logs where I was working
was lucky to have a couple of car dealerships and some
bonus spots for Cumberland Farms or something. The
times have certainly changed.

Roy Lawrence

--- Joseph Pappalardo <joepappalardo2001@yahoo.com>
> HOWEVER, one thing that HAS changed...is that some
> of the non-drive
> times...and so-called 'graveyard shifts' are
> virtually sold out too!
> There was a time...that after 8PM no one wanted to
> buy spots.  And
> overnight...maybe just the network barter
> spots....or freebies and
> make-goods....
> Listen to any major market stations on weekend
> afternoons, night...and ever
> OVER-nights...and you find a full load.

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