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Re: Commercials 103.3

I believe you are correct about two edited versions
exsiting of this. The 3:00 and one that I tend to
remember being closer to 4:00 minutes (at the correct
speed). Not sure what one became the consumer 45
version though. 

Roy Lawrence
(Who mainly prefers album versions - though there are
acceptions) ;-)

--- Roger Kirk <rogerkirk@ttlc.net> wrote:
> Also, to be more specific, Light My Fire (the
> single) was not 
> only edited (edited well by my standards) but it was
> sped up, too.
> This allowed just a little more of the song to be
> played AND the 
> resulting pitch change gave the song that little
> "Kick" it needed to 
> be an AM smash.  IIRC, the single was longer than
> 3:00.  I'll 
> research that one tomorrow.

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