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Re: Commercials 103.3

Roy Lawrence writes:
> This trend of long stop sets is more common in Boston
> and surrounding areas. Tune in most any Clear Channel
> station or listen to WBCN for instance. I could go
> into a 7-11 for a soda and the paper during morning
> rush with 3 or 4 people in the check-out line,  get
> back in the car and then get to work and STILL hear
> commercials! Portland is definitely more tame about
> this. Facts or fiction, it's reality...just listen!

In WBCN's case during morning rush, you can blame Stern. He's notorious for
going an hour or even longer without breaks, then you hear the affiliates
running a 20-minute stop-set. It seems like he's not doing that anywhere
near as much now, though.