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RE: FW: RE: WEEI-AM 850 Very Distorted

Dan Strassberg writes:

>I think 1510 is a tad more cerebral than 850--not to
>suggest that either one is intellectual. I do think that
>if Entercom wanted an accurate positioner for 850 they'd
>give up on calling the station sportsradio and call it
>yellingguys radio. I can't believe that anyone can get
>anything but headaches and heartburn from listening to
>hour after hour of two or three guys yelling
>continuously at each other and all yelling at once so
>that not a word is intelligible. This is a good
>environment for pitching products and services? Maybe
>the format really does sell analgesics. But could it
>work for other products by making even the most raucus
>commercial sound, by comparison, like an oasis of calm
>and reason?

I agree with everything in your post. That's the reason I defected for the
most part to 1510. I got fed up with the 'EEI program format of three or
four talk-show host and/or sports journalists in the studio yelling at each

So it's either 1510 for me, or the Sports offerings on XM.

That said, however, WEEI seems to pretty successful in the ratings with
'yelling at each other' programming.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)