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RE: Entercom pulls the plug on streaming audio...

--- Bob Nelson <raccoonradio@yahoo.com> wrote:
> During the rain delay of tonight's Red Sox game
> (also on an Entercom station, WEEI) they got calls
> from all over the US and even Korea (via streaming
> audio listeners). That'll soon change...

Dan Billings wrote:

>Aren't the Red Sox games also streamed by the team?
>Won't that continue despite Entercom's move?

Yes the Game play-by-play will still be streamed - that's controlled by
Major League Baseball.
What you will not be able to hear, is during a rain delay, is audio
streaming from 'EEIs studios.

I will have to say that the whole notion of Internet Streaming was one of
the most over hyped things during the dot-com boom. Let's face it, internet
streaming is only viable to those with a broadband connection, and that's
still a minority of on-line users, save for in one's workplace.

Furthermore it still takes some amount of technical savy to setup your media
player software - for all practical purposes you need both the Microsoft
Media Player *AND* Real Audio installed and making sure they don't conflict
with each other.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)