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Re: Entercom pulls the plug on streaming audio...

Howie Carr was mentioning this on his show earlier
today (he's syndicated but originates from Entercom's
WRKO). He said they would try to find a way to
continue to stream his show but it wouldn't be easy;
for example, his Springfield (MA) affiliate, WHYN,
is (apparently) a Clear Channel station and they also
are not doing streaming, etc.

During the rain delay of tonight's Red Sox game
(also on an Entercom station, WEEI) they got calls
from all over the US and even Korea (via streaming
audio listeners). That'll soon change...

--- Peter Murray <pete@partnercomm.com> wrote:
> According to the RAIN website at
> http://www.kurthanson.com, Entercom has 
> decided to stop all online streaming of their
> properties. They cite the 
> lack of return and the legal uncertainties.
> Entercom has no details that I could find on their
> website at 
> http://www.entercom.com.
> If broadband were available in the car, the public
> would pay more 
> attention to these issues. In the mean time, legacy
> broadcast models are 
> fighting to hang onto their cornered market tooth
> and nail in the same 
> manner of the recording industry - based on old
> technological 
> limitations that don't exist anymore (or won't exist
> soon).
> Peter Murray (N3IXY)
> Pittsburgh, PA

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