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Re: Adjacent Frequency AM Reception

Chuck: I have no cell phone and no pager. Anyhow, the 
fact that the interference is apparently localized in 
the vicinity of my house and the house across the street 
suggests that the cause is not something that travels 
with me but is stationary in the area where I detect the 

I just searched for "Invisible Fence" and discovred that 
the company makes systems for use inside of houses as 
well as out-of-doors. I wonder if maybe the folks in the 
house across the street use such a system not to 
restrict their cat's perigrinations outside but to keep 
the cat out of certain rooms inside. That would explain 
the cat's frequent presence in my backyard.

Now the company that makes Invisible Fence says that its 
product complies with FCC regulations on interference to 
electronic equipment and that it is "designed to cause 
no interference." In my experience, when a company says 
its product is designed not to do something, the company 
means "sure it does it; just don't hold us responsible."

The Web site did not, however, contain any information 
on the frequency or frequencies its transmitters use.
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>    omitting your post for space concerns, do you wear a 
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