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RE: Adjacent Frequency AM Reception

 Are  you saying you're mere feet from the 1060 WBIX Transmitter/tower? Then
that's probably the blanketing effect. The closest broadcaster to my home,
1600 WQOP Atlantic Beach (Jax), FL is 5kw day and about 89w at night
nondirectional.  A major thoroughfare runs directly in front of the tower /
station, Atlantic Blvd, FL Rte 10. Whenever I drive by the WQOP plant it
'blanks out' or comes close to blanking out other AM stations I'm listening
to on the dial. Listening to third-adjacent 1570 WGSR, 10kw about 20 miles
to the north - they seem to diminish WGSR's signal for about a mile radius
or so. Continuing further away from 1600 WGSR's signal returns to it's
typical stregnth. At night, the blanketing effect is mostly in the vicinity
of the station's property. 

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> My problems is not related to geomagnetic storms or to 
> WEZE; it's _very_ local (I'd say within 50' or so of the 
> house across the street from mine) and it causes 
> interference (sounds like a strong open carrier) at a 
> number of spots on the AM dial.  -snip- The effect on my reception of
> quite a few AM stations is 
> devastating. When WBIX is on low power during the 15 
> minutes between local sunset and Philadelphia sunset, 
> not only must I carefully position the radio to null out 
> the interference 
> The problem affects not only radios in the house but 
> also those in my cars. However, if I drive down the 
> street in either direction, the interference abates 
> rapidly.
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