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Re: Adjacent Frequency AM Reception


   omitting your post for space concerns, do you wear a 
cell phone on your belt or carry one with you?
   i've taken to wearing mine in the station as it's 
easier for wife or kiddies or bosses to reach me that 
way in lieu of the business phone lines, but find that 
it will produce a bodacious hum on some of the studio 
gear if i'm too near (the 360 Systems shortcut and one 
of the production studio distribution amps).  even 
though the phone may not be in use, it still radiates 
enough of a signal when turned on to get picked up by 
certain pieces of gear.
   now, i don't wear a pager, but wonder if anyone who 
might wear or carry one has experienced similar 
interference as a result?

- -Chuck Igo