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** A Brand New Boston Radio Show!!

Oldies 103.3 announces the addition of a unique, new radio program to the line-up starting this Saturday, June 1st, from 8 to Midnight!

"Oldies 103.3's Saturday Night Party," hosted by Barry Scott, will feature the best Dance and Party tunes of all time!

Each week the show will blend tunes from the disco/dance era of the 70s with the biggest pop/rock party hits of the 60s and 70s, into Boston's best Saturday Night Party!

Don't miss the premiere of "Oldies 103.3's Saturday Night Party," with Barry Scott, this Saturday from 8 to Midnight only on Oldies 103.3, WODS/Boston!

Barry Scott, Music Director

RadioAMP -- http://www.radioamp.com
"The Lost 45s" on Oldies 103.3 -- http://www.lost45.com

2 Canal Park
5th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02141

(617) 252-5087--Voice
(617) 252-5001--Fax