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Adjacent Frequency AM Reception

The posting about the lady from Boston calling WTIC-AM was interesting not
only for the content (a person calling a station 80+ miles away to sell
an item) but because non-radio geeks aren't supposed to behave this way!
Over the years, I've performed the little tricks necessary to hear stations 
adjacent to nearby, more powerful ones...even picking up WGY-AM 810 while
living near WCCM-AM 800's tower.  But now I'm stymied when I try to hear
WTAG-AM 580 in Woostah.  Why?  Well WEZE-AM 590 isn't any stronger, but they're
doing something to their signal that causes a strong 'buzz" for 10khz
on either side.  If I use a radio with a rotary dial, it even interferes 
with its own signal.  Has anyone else noted this, and what could be 
causing it...and is it legal?

Laurence Glavin
Methuen, MA

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