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Re: Re; WJIB Signal

On 28 May 2002 at 9:49, Laurence Glavin wrote:

> WJIB came in fine for Sunday's LTAR, some 25-or-so miles North of the
> tower.  Counselor Ross canme in so loud and clear, it was as if he were in
> my listening room.  I was almost tempted to ask him for legal advice, but
> I don't know his rates!

Having gotten another report along these lines, as well as an e-mail from Bob to the effect 
that there didn't seem to be anything wrong with the signal, I checked my stereo (which I use 
when I want to tape a program), and I found a broken connection on the lead to the AM 
loopstick.  I fixed it, and WJIB came in loud and clear.

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