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Re: WTIC daytime reception in Boston (Was Re: WJIB at night)

Well, 617 is still the area code in Newton, Brookline, 
and Watertown. When WILD is on full day power, which it 
would be at 11:00 AM, the signal in those communities 
must be quite good, but not super. I listen to WXKS (AM) 
much more than I listen to WILD. WXKS uses the same 
power as WILD does during non-CH hours. Both stations 
are ND days, and their TX sites are quite close to each 
other. WXKS's day signal in Watertown Square, though 
decent, leaves something to be desired. My guess is that 
it's about 5 mV/m give or take, and it drops off 
noticeably as you head south, say toward Newton Center. 
At that point, my guess is maybe 3.5 mV/m. WXKS is 
further up the dial than WILD, so its signal probably 
doesn't go quite as far, but the WILD site is north of 
the WXKS site, so WILD's signal has a little further to 
go. A caller in, say, Auburndale, who happened to have 
her radio turned properly might have WILD nulled and be 
able to pick up WTIC. Of course, from Auburndale, 
Medford and Hartford are roughly 180 degrees apart, so I 
guess someplace further south in Newton (Oak Hill, for 
example) or in W Roxbury would be a better QTH for 
nulling WILD and picking up WTIC. W Roxbury ought to be 
pretty good. It's far enough from the coast that 
reception of WILD should not benefit from the salt-water 
path, and the directions to Medford and Hartford must be 
separated by about 135 degrees. If you had taken down 
the lady's number you could have called her... ;>) 
eFax 707-215-6367
> >Dan Strassberg wrote:
> >What you're talking about here is groundwave reception,
> >which doesn't normally change much as a function of
> >atmospheric conditions--although long rainy spells or
> >long dry spells affect soil conductivity, which affects
> >groundwave reception.
> <snip>
>      Which reminds me: A woman called the weekly tag-sale-sell-your-stuff
> program on WTIC (AM) today, around 11 a.m., saying she was calling from
> Boston and giving a 617 phone number to sell her kitchen set. The host
> questioned her a little about getting that reception and she said it had
> been coming in fine for the hour or so she had been listening. WTIC does
> not webcast.
>       I found this very strange. How could anyone in 617 with any sort of
> regular consumer radio set-up be getting WTIC around midday over the WILD
> splash like that? Was WILD off for some reason, I wonder?