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WTIC daytime reception in Boston (Was Re: WJIB at night)

>Dan Strassberg wrote:
>What you're talking about here is groundwave reception,
>which doesn't normally change much as a function of
>atmospheric conditions--although long rainy spells or
>long dry spells affect soil conductivity, which affects
>groundwave reception.

     Which reminds me: A woman called the weekly tag-sale-sell-your-stuff
program on WTIC (AM) today, around 11 a.m., saying she was calling from
Boston and giving a 617 phone number to sell her kitchen set. The host
questioned her a little about getting that reception and she said it had
been coming in fine for the hour or so she had been listening. WTIC does
not webcast.

      I found this very strange. How could anyone in 617 with any sort of
regular consumer radio set-up be getting WTIC around midday over the WILD
splash like that? Was WILD off for some reason, I wonder?