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Re: WTIC daytime reception in Boston (Was Re: WJIB at night)

--- dan.strassberg@att.net wrote:
>If you had taken
> down 
> the lady's number you could have called her... ;>) 

   I hate it when I fail to think of things like that
. . . :))

   But, speaking of WILD, you made a reference to its
1 kW critical hours power, as did a post here around a
week ago or so. Without disparaging anyone or
anything, it has always been my observation that WILD
does not go down to its CH power.

   Many times, although not in the last year or two, I
have listened for it out in Scituate, where it surely
would be easy to hear. I have never been able to hear
it happen. Way back in the day, when WILD was only 1
kW all day, its signal out in Scituate was nowhere
near as good as it is nowadays. Perhaps someone will
correct me. I believe new owners took over there in
the last few years.  

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