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Re: X calls

At 02:43 PM 5/21/2002, Garrett Wollman wrote:
>The trade press is particularly brain-dead when it comes to Mexican
>stations' callsigns; (snip)

It's not just Mexican stations...Allston-Brighton Free Radio has no 
callsigns at all - we're Part 15 unlicensed! - but the Globe always tries 
to assign us some whenever they add us to Talk of the Dial or 
whereever.  Usually it's WABF or WBFR...grrrrr....

At least when we were Radio Free Allston we were commonly called WRFA...not 
too bad.  But the Brighton residents got all uppity about not being 
included in the name and hence "ABFR" was created.  I kid you not - that 
was the reason.  Well, also partly to distinguish the legal incarnation of 
ABFR on 1670AM from the illegal incarnation of RFA on 106.1FM

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